Ellen’s story

Ellen’s story:cs1

TPD, Depression $900,000

Who is Ellen?

Ellen is 44 and married with two young children. As the CEO of a large company she was earning a sizable income, making her the primary bread-winner for her family.

What happened to Ellen?

Ellen became deeply depressed with extreme anxiety and was forced to stop work. Claiming on her Income Protection policy allowed her to cover the day-to-day costs while she sought treatment for her condition.


Ellen attempted to return to work after a two month absence. Unfortunately she suffered a rapid relapse, with her psychiatrist determining she would not be able to return to her current role or any other similar role. Thankfully Ellen also had a Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) policy, providing her with a lump-sum payment because she could no longer work in her own occupation.

Where is Ellen now?

Ellen’s psychiatrist recommended she return to part-time work in another capacity, so she has used her TPD lump-sum payment to start her own small business.


“I was in a very bad place with my condition – I couldn’t cope anymore, and feeling like the floor was falling out from under me financially was only making matters worse. While it is heartbreaking not to be able to continue with the career I worked so hard to build, my TPD payment lifted the financial worry and is helping me fund a new life.”