Financial Planning for 18-30

These are the years of exploration, fun, excitement – think nights out with friends, endless activities, overseas trips and vacations.

What if I told you that you can have fun AND plan for the future at the same time, without compro-mising the life you want to live? Whenever I look back, or speak with my friends from University, I have a warm, happy feeling inside of me. I can tell you from my experience, just enjoy life when you are young, when you can.

But at the same time, think for your future. Putting away just $20 a week makes a huge difference as opposed to putting away $20 on a credit card. You can create anything when you plan, commit and execute.

At this stage, your responsibilities are at their most minimal so take advantage of this! Managing money early means that you can save more for the future.

Whatever you are experiencing in life right now, there are things that you can start today to create a financial secure future and financial freedom. You can do a lot when you are young, and we want to help you create an awesome life.