About WPA

Wealth Protection Australia (WPA) is a premier financial services company providing Australia-wide proactive and comprehensive wealth protection and financial planning advice to business owners and individuals.

We believe assets not only consist of the money in your bank account, your share portfolio or the properties you won. Your loving family, and family home, your experience and expertise in your chosen field, your health or maybe the multiple languages that you speak – these things make your life richer and fulfilling.

These things are the important things that we consider as your assets. We are here to protect what is important to you.

Therefore we find out and focus on what is important to you when we create financial strategies. In order for us to help you achieve your goals and dreams and to create a secure financial future, your  goals and dreams, life plan, asset and liabilities, tax and family situation should be considered. We take pride in our holistic approach to first understand your situation and strategize, before recommending any products to you. Begin an independent financial planning firm and having an access to all of Australia’s major investment and insurance companies, we ensure strategies and products we choose are right for you.

More than 96% of our clients answered that they feel more protected and assured for their financial future after receiving our services.

Our expertise, knowledge, and experience paved the way for our specialization in providing well tailored financial advice. Our genuine concern allows us to build a strong and harmonious working relationship with clients. We want to assure your lifestyle sustains or improves through smart management of your finances. Your life goals and dreams and protecting these are our main priority.

We will walk with you if you need to file a claim for your insurance, or you go through life changing events such as a death of your family or a divorce. We will be there to help you get the claim paid or bring you back up as fast as possible. After such events, we will assist you in making sure that you choose wisely for your future.

We are with you every step of your financial journey. We understand it is important to plan your life, create and build up your wealth, as well as protect and manage the wealth you had built. We are here to help you.