Robbie’s story

Robbie’s story:cs6

Income Protection, Car accident $55,000

Who is Robbie?

Robbie, 21, had recently finished a carpentry apprenticeship and started full time work.

What happened to Robbie?

While driving back from his girlfriend’s house one day Robbie was involved in a car accident, leaving him severely injured and requiring resuscitation at the scene of the accident.


Thankfully Robbie’s parents had encouraged him to see the family financial adviser when he began full time work. The adviser explained to Robbie that in the event of an accident or illness, an Income Protection cover would mean he would continue to receive some income. Robbie also realised that by taking out the policy, he was protecting his parents from financial pressure if something were to happen.

Where is Robbie now?

After two years of significant rehabilitation, Robbie has now returned to work.


“I thought my parents were being their usual over-protective selves when they told me to get income protection. Looking back I’m lucky I listened to their advice as it meant I was able to cover the cost of living while I recovered. The accident nearly took my life and my parents had to look after me  physically – I’m so glad I didn’t burden them financially as well.”