Mark’s story

Mark’s story:cs6

Life Insurance, stroke $300,000

Who is Mark?

Mark and Emelia, both 54, have worked in management positions for a large bank. Married for twenty years, they have two teenage children.

What happened to Mark?

Mark came home from work one afternoon to find Emelia still in bed. Unable to rouse her, he found she had passed away after suffering a stroke in her sleep.


While both earned good salaries, the couple’s mortgage repayments relied on both incomes. Thankfully they had both been very pragmatic with money early on in their relationship, and had made sure their home and savings would be protected if one of their incomes was no longer available. Emelia’s Life Insurance policy meant Mark was able to pay off the remainder of his mortgage.

Where is Mark now?

While devastated by the loss of Emelia, Mark is now able to comfortably support his two children without any financial pressures.


“Losing Emelia has been hard on all of us, but we are grateful we had her life insurance policy to allow us to hold onto the house. Our house holds a lot of memories, so it’s important the kids can finish growing up there.”