John’s story

John’s story:cs2

TPD, Parkinson’s Disease $1.3m

Who is John?

John is 56 and a successful surgeon. He is married with two university-aged children still living at home.

What happened to John?

Over a recent period of time, John developed some concerning symptoms which eventually led to a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. As a surgeon, a steady hand is imperative, so this diagnosis has meant John can no longer work in his field of expertise.


Thankfully John had a Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) policy, which specified that in the event that he could no longer work in his occupation he would receive a lump sum payment.

Where is John now?

John was able to use his TPD payment to relocate with his wife and their two sons to a single-story house that would be more suitable as his condition progressed. The payment also meant their lifestyle would be protected so they could focus on quality of life.


“I was at a complete loss when I could no longer work as a surgeon and it has been hard to accept my future with Parkinson’s. Thank heavens for my TPD payment. I don’t have to worry about my ongoing care and we can enjoy our lives as much as possible.”