Jessica’s story

Jessica’s story:cs4

Critical Illness, Crohn’s Disease $10,000

Who is Jessica?

Jessica is 32 and a graphic artist. She lives with her partner and daughter.

What happened to Jessica?

After Jessica experienced declining health with a range of symptoms, she visited a health specialist who diagnosed her with severe Crohn’s Disease.


Jessica did have health insurance, but it didn’t cover any medical bills outside of her hospital stays. And because she wanted the best treatment possible, the costs really racked up.


Thankfully, under the conditions of her Critical Illness policy, Jessica was entitled to an “advancement benefit”. This is a partial payment built in to the Critical Illness Premier policy, and allows access to a portion of the total sum insured if one of a number of specified health events occurs. The advancement benefit provided Jessica with enough funding to help ease the financial pressure of her specialist bills.

Where is Jessica now?

Jessica continues to receive treatment and is coming to terms with her Crohn’s Disease.


“Being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease really knocked me for six. The specialists’ bills were a real shock – I always thought that having health insurance meant I’d be covered if I ever got ill. I was surprised at how little is covered when you’re not admitted in hospital. I’m so glad my partner suggested we see a financial adviser and that we took up our critical illness policies. The partial payment from the insurance company has helped with the bills from my diagnosis and means I can mentally deal with my condition without financial stress.”